Anti-Cellulite Body Wash


Spongeables® Anti-Cellulite Body Wash in a sponge is the first luxurious body wash with built-in anti-cellulite benefits. New infusion technology blends a gentle cleansing gel, premium quality moisturizers and powerful anti-oxidants, transforming an ordinary shower into a way to refresh, restore and beautify the skin, from neck to chin. Now Spongeables® unique formula is even better, with Multi-Sal® Muscle Toner, a patented ingredient complex that smoothes and tones with natural Rhodofiltrat Sea Extract to enhance microcirculation and help prevent dimpling on fatty areas. Spongeables® specially-textured massaging/exfoliating surface whisks away dry skin and enhances anti-cellulite results.  Shower after shower, skin looks better and feels better, improving after every use for 20+ delightfully bubbly, aromatherapeautic uses.

Available in Grapefruit Zest/Pink Pepper (Pink) and Vanilla Orchid/Black Tea (Green)